Welcome to ncsoftworks.com.  I am a hobbyist C/C++/C#/Java programmer.  This site is home to two Android applications that I wrote: My Work Schedule and My Work Schedule (Pro).  These applications are designed for shift workers in mind.  Most calendar applications available aren’t really meant for managing a work schedule.  I work retail, so I don’t have a set schedule.  Having to take pictures of my schedules every week was getting annoying.  So, I set out to create an application to address this problem.

My Work Schedule, and the paid offering, My Work Schedule (Pro) are available on the Android Market.  You can learn more about them and how they can help you manage your schedule by clicking the links on the menu bar.  Thanks for visiting!

I personally support the applications that I’ve written.  Do you have a problem, idea, or comment?  You can contact me using the sidebar to the right.  You can also view or post on the forums using the link on the top menu.

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